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Acetaria discourse of sallets

By Evelyn, John

subjects: salad, raw vegetables,

  • 1. Acetaria / A / discourse of Sallets. 1699
    B. Tooke   1699
    9.8 x 15.0   [i-xi] 1-192 [193-240]   8o A8 a8 b4 B-R8
    GB:   LB  

    There is a leaf of errata on the page before B starts.
    There is a folding leaf at 108.

    Hazlitt: 1,210

  • 2. — Acetaria / A / discourse of Sallets. / The second edition. / of / Kalendarium.
    B. Tooke   1706/1699
    9.8 x 15.0   [i-xi] 1-192 [193-240]   8o A8 a8 b3 B-R8
    GB:   LB  

    [iii] Dedication: Lord John Somers of Evesham%
    a3: the Preface [Ninth Impression of "Kalendar"]
    [xxxiii]: Plan of a Royal Garden
    Table on R2v: indexed alphabetically to page number
    1st - same tp but: 1699 at end
    Leaf errate before B
    folding leaf at p. 108
    same book at 1706
    Hazlitt. ii 210

    - in WING under Tooke, Benjamin, 1699, E3480, did not see a 1706 version