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New and easy way to make wine

By The Way to get Wealth

subjects: wine, liquors, trade, inventions, servants, money, liquor,

  • 1. The Way to get Wealth: Or, A New and Easie Way to make Twenty Three sorts of Wine, equal to that of France; with their Vertues. Also to make Cyder, Mead, Rum, Rack, Brandy, and Cordial Waters: ... To which is Added, A Help to Discourse, Giving an Account of Trade of all Countries, and Inventers of Arts and Sciences. ...
    George Conyers   1701?

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  • 2. — The way to get wealth: or, a new and easie way to make wine of gooseberries, currans... apples and roses, equal to that of France; with their physical virtues... physical receipts of our modern doctors for most diseases... the duties of all sorts of servant maids... A help to discourse, and divers curiosities, of B. Portæ, Alexis, and others. By the author of The way to save wealth; and of One thousand notable things
    George Conyers   1702
    1s 6d  
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    Aiv: publisher's advertisements, a good list.
    A2: Table Alphabetial to recipes.
    With Fables from 68.
    Practical instructions on the way to get wealth, including memory aids, wine-making, rainproofing, servant maid training, directions on how to dress food, money, etc.

  • 3. — The way to get wealth : I. Directing how to make 23 sorts of English wine, equal to that of France with their virtues; and to make cyder equal to canary, .... II. A help to discourse, giving an account of the commodities of all countries, ... III. A book of knowledge, necessary for all traders, and other persons, ... By the author of The way to save wealth, and also of a Thousand notable things.
    George Conyers   1703

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