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The accomplish'd housewife


subjects: cookery,

  • 1. The accomplish'd housewife; or, the gentlewoman's companion. etc.
    London: printed for J. Newbery   1745
    17 cm.   431 p.   3 sh.  
    GB:   LWML   LeU(B)*  
    US:   DCLC   ICU   MH  

    1. Oxford, p. 75, wrongly gives 'gent1eman's companion' in the main title.
    2. A note in this work recommends readers who want a larger system of cookery to consult Harrison, S., The house-keeper's pocket-book.
    3. Pennell, p. 156, gives the date as '1748', which could indicate that there was a 2nd ed.
    4. Gents.Mag., vol. 15 (Aug. 1745), p. 448, confirms that the price was 3 sh., but Scotts Mag., vol. 7 (Aug. 1745), p. 400, quotes the price as '3 sh. 6 d.' The LeU(B) copy contains the bookplate of Francis Otway, Esq
    5. Another LeU(B) copy is inscribed 'A. Cunningham'.

    Bitting, p. 513; Oxford, p. 75