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Adam's luxury, and Eve's cookery


subjects: gardening, herbs,

  • 1. Adam's luxury, and Eve's cookery; or, the kitchen-garden display'd, . . . in two parts to which is added, the physical virtues of every herb and root. etc.
    London: printed for R. Dodsley   1744
    17 cm.   xii, 216 p.   1 sh. 6 d.  
    GB:   GUL   LGL   LeU(B)*  
    US:   KMK   MCR   NYPL  

    1. Although the majority of the receipts are vegetarian, some do use meat stock, e.g. Hodge- Podge on p. 184. The first part is devoted to the kitchen garden. The second part, cookery receipts.
    2. An advertisement for this work appeared in Scots Mag., vol. 18 (Oct. 1756), p. 527, which could indicate that a later edition was published.
    3. Gents. Mag., vol. 14 (May 1744), p. 288, confirms that the price was '1 sh. 6 d.' The LeU(B) . copy is inscribed 'Mary Watson 1779 March 21'.

    Bitting, p. 514; Oxford, p. 74