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Book of fashionable life


subjects: general etiquette,

  • 1. The book of fashionable life: comprising the etiquette of the drawing room, dining room and ball room. By a member of the royal household.
    11.5 x 7.5 cm   Pp [iii-vii] viii [9] 10-140  
    GB:   *LB  

    Date from BMCat.
    Binding: illustrated stiff paper. Gilt-edged leaves.
    There are chapters on the origins and principles of etiquette, dress, the court drawing room, the ball room and the dinner table, with bills of fare for dinners for "persons of rank'.

  • 2. — Second edition, enlarged.
    11.5 x 7.5 cm   Pp [iii-vii] viii [9] 10-142, [i-ii] publ ads  
    GB:   *LB  

    The revisions in this edition are explained in a note: "List of dinners of five dishes and upwards, revised and corrected by M. Soyer, of the Reform Club'.