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The muncher's and guzler's diary


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  • 1. The muncher's and guzler's diary. The wit's, the critic's, the farmer's and the petit-maitre's pocket companion . . . the gentleman's, the lady's, the old woman's, the child's manual . . . the universal almanack [by Noureddin Alraschin]. 2nd ed.
    London: printed for J. Cook   1750
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    --1st ed. [----]: printed for [----], 1748.
    --another ed. London: printed for R. Baldwin, 1749. LBL:
    1. B. & G.Cat., No. 37, p. 25, states that this facetious work is very rare.
    2. Iolo Williams, op. cit., p. 33, identifies 'Noureddin Alraschin' as pseudonym of John Armstrong. It is a poor version of the Arabic name Nur-ud-Din al-Rashid.
    3. Although no copy of the 1st ed. has been located, it is certain that one was published in 1748; see John Armstrong, Miscellanies (London, 1770).

    Bitting, p. 16.