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An alarm to all persons touching


subjects: health, food, spoilation,

  • 1. An alarm to all persons touching their health and livesÉ.To which are added, remarks . . . communicated to the author2 by a learned physician.
    London: printed for T. Payne   1740
    19 cm.   24 p.  
    GB:   LBL*   LWML  
    US:   NYPL  

    1. Typical of the many warnings in this work is that on p. 5 concerning the practice of selling rotten fish: 'Fish that is grown stale is usually soaked a little in water, and washed by some, and then laid on the shop-board for sale.'
    2. The author identifies himself as 'Sometime past first cook to the late Duke of Orleans, and now for some time cook in London'.
    3. See Pennell, p. 150, who originally owned a copy of this work and many other cookery books before donating her collection to the DCLC.

    Oxford, pp. 70-1