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Dictionarium domesticum


subjects: dictionary, brewing, baking, cookery, confectionary, management, vineyard, apiary, physician,

  • 1. Dictionarium domesticum, being a new and compleat houshold [sic] diction- ary. For the use both of city and country. Shewing, the whole arts of brewing, baking, cookery and pickling . . . confectionary . . the management of the kitchin [sic], pantry, larder, dairy, olitory, and poultry . . . the herdsman, English vineyard . . . the apiary . . . the family physician. etc.
    London: printed for C. Hitch, C. Davis and S. Austen   1736
    20 cm.   [614 p.] frontis   6 sh.  
    GB:   AUL   LWML   LeU(B)*  
    US:   DCLC   KMK   MH  

    1. The author was a school master in Stepney, and also compiled The Universal Etymological English Dictionary.
    2. On the cover of the copy inspected is the short title: 'Bailey's Family Dictionary'.
    3. An olitory is a kitchen garden.
    4. Ann.Cat., p. 3, confirms that the price was 6 sh.

    Bitting, p. 24; Oxford, p. 69