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Domestic duties

By PARKES, Mrs William

subjects: ethics,

  • 1. Domestic duties; or, instructions to young married ladies, on the management of their households and the regulation of their conduct in the various relations and duties of married life. By Mrs. William Parkes. Second edition.
    18.0 x 10.0 cm   Pp [i-v], vi, ad vii-ix [x] [1] 2-487 [488]   illus
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    The title-page bears a quotation from Proverbs.
    The text is in the form of a dialogue between "Mrs B' and "Mrs L'.

  • 2. — [Title as 1825] Third edition
    19.0 x 10.0 cm   Pp [i-v] vi [vii-xi] xii-xiii [xiv] [1] 2-510 [i-ii] publ ads   illus
    GB:   *WYoLUB  

  • 3. — [Title as 1825] Fourth edition
    19.0 x 10.0 cm   Pp [i-iii] iv [v] vi-vii [viii] [1] 2-507 [508-509] 510-513 [514-515] 516-524 [1-4], 1-12 publ ads   illus
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