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Dyetary of Helth

By Boorde, Andrew

subjects: diets, household, cookery, domestic medicine,

  • 1. Hereafter foloweth a compendyous regyment or a dyetary of Helth, made in Montpyllier, compiled by Andrew Boorde of Physicke doctour, dedicated to the armypotent [sic] Prynce, and valyaunt Lorde Thomas Duke of Northfache.
    Robert Wyer   Iohn Gowghe   1542
    8.5 x 13.5   4o A-N
    GB:   LB  

    Diets [different from Boorde's Breviary (1552)]
    Dated: ( 5th Mat; 1542). Dedicated to Lord Thomas Cardinal of York, therefore written pre 1533?
    Has frontis + tailpiece woodcut + one woodcut to Galien.

    PR 3378.5