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Handbook of housekeeping

By STACPOOLE, Florence

subjects: compendium, thrift,

  • 1. Handbook of housekeeping for small incomes. By Florence Stacpoole, diplom#1ee of the London Obstetrical Society; Lecturer to the National Health Society, and for the Councils of Technical Education.
    18.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [i-vii] viii [9] 10-439 [440] [i] ii-iii [iv] [i] ii-iv [i] ii [i] ii [i] ii, [1-18] ads  
    GB:   LB   LoEN   *OB  

    Date from BMCat.
    The book is in the following sections: economical housekeeping, economical cookery, the care of infants and young children, everyday ailments and invalid feeding. There is a separate index for each section, which explains the unusual pagination. Florence Stacpoole's advice is intended for middle-class young women setting up home.