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Bradshaw's valuable family jewel


subjects: cookery, pastry, confectionary, preserving, pickling, brewing, medicine,

  • 1. Bradshaw's valuable family jewel, and a store-house of such curious matters, as all ought to be acquainted with, being a collection of near three hundred of the most approved receipts in cookery, pastery [sic], confectionary [sic], preserv- ing, pickling . . . brewing. etc. To which is added, a collection of near three hundred family receipts of medicines. etc. 5th ed. with very large additions.
    [London]: printed for P. Bradshaw 1 sh.   1749
    16 cm.   [Part 1] 48 p. [Part 2] 49-88 p.  
    GB:   LeU(B)*  

    --6th ed. [London]: printed for P. Bradshaw, 1749. GPL(M): KMK
    --9th ed. with additions. [London]: printed for P. Bradshaw, [c.1750]. --: DCLC
    --10th ed. [London]: printed for P. Bradshaw, 1748. --: KMK
    --12th ed. [London]: printed for the author, 1752. LeU(B)
    --a new ed. [ London]: printed for the author, [c.1755]. LeU(B)
    1. The 1748 edition (10th ed.) gives a joint authorship: Mrs Penelope Bradshaw and 'the late ingenious Mr. Lambart, [sic] confectioner', who was probably Edw. Lambert; see LAMBERT, Edward, The art of confectionary. It is odd that this edition, the 10th, which was certainly printed in 1748, has a higher edition number than the 6th ed., which was certainly printed in 1749, and the 9th ed., which was probably printed in 1750. If the figures for the years were not wrongly printed (and such a mistake seems unlikely), then Mrs Bradshaw could have been misusing edition numbers to imply by 1748 that she had written a work that was much in demand.
    2. Although the contents of the 1752 edition (

    Bitting, p. 56