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Secrets of Albertus Magnus

By Magus, Albertus

subjects: sugar chemistry, cookery,

  • 1. The book of secrets of Albertus Magnus of the virtues of herbs, stones, and certain beasts.

    3 editions pre 1560 by William Copland, according to Michael Best & Frank Brightman, eds. of edition 1973, Ox: Claredon; Series of studies in Tudor & Stuart Literature.
    Printed in 1560 by J. Kyne, with definitions from Elyot's "Dictionary" of 1545.
    Another edition 1637. London: printed by T. Cotes, sold by Andrew Kembe. 8o
    Many earlier editions in Latin, eg De secretis mulierum, Romae: 1499.

    BLC c.136.b.39