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Beeton's domestic service guide for the cook

By BEETON, Samuel Orchart

subjects: cooks, housemaids,

  • 1. Beeton's domestic service guide for the cook, upper housemaid, under housemaid. Being a clear account of the individual duties of each servant, with useful recipes for aiding their work, and general information on engaging and leaving situations.
    14 x 10.0 cm   Pp [1-3] 4-48   [1d
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    The date of publication was probably around 1871. Binding: brown paper.%The cover has: "Second edition, 30,000. Beeton's penny servant's book No. 1. A handy guide to domestic service, containing descriptions of the right way of managing house work, with much useful information to cooks and housemaids'. There are 229 numbered paragraphs and recipes.