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The British legacy: or, fountain of knowledge


subjects: cookery, household management,

  • 1. The British legacy: or, fountain of knowledge, containing among upwards of two hundred other curious particulars, of the utmost service to families in general. etc.
    London: printed for Thomas Chandler   1754
    19 cm.   X, 11~176 p. pls   2 sh.  
    GB:   OBL*  
    US:   CtY   PPULC  

    --another ed. The fountain of knowledge, or British legacy. etc. London; printed by T. Bailey, [c.1760]. LBL; CtY; MH
    --another ed. . . . upwards of five hundred . . . London: printed by W. Bailey, [c.1785]. --; DCLC
    1. Up to p. 83 of the 1785 work is domestic advice, including cookery receipts. Thereafter it is devoted to a treatise: 'Everyone their own physician'; see Bitting, p. 380.

    Bitting, pp. 379-80