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  • 1. Household work; or, the duties of female servants, practically and economically illustrated, through the respective grades of maid-of-all- work, house and parlour-maid, and laundry-maid: with many valuable recipes for facilitating labour in every department. Prepared for the use of the National and Industrial Schools of the Holy Trinity, at Finchley. Ninth edition.
    14.5 x 8.5 cm   Pp [i-iii] iv [v] vi-x [1] 2-110  
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    Date from BMCat.
    Binding: green cloth, gilt.
    This is No. III of the "Finchley Manuals of Idustry'. Oxford, p 179, cites a work with the same title dated 1850 but does not give the edition number. The duties of each servant are set out in question and answer form, which mistress and maid would supposedly rehearse together.

  • 2. — [Fourteenth edition]
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    The MCR library catalogue lists a fourteenth edition as published London: Joseph Masters 1863.