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The complete English cook; or prudent housewife


subjects: cookery, household management,

  • 1. The complete English cook; or prudent housewife. Being an entire new collection of the most genteel, yet least expensive receipts in every branch of cookery and good housewifery . . . to which is added the physical director. etc. 2nd ed. with additions.
    London: printed for the authoress   sold by J. Cooke   [c.1762]
    16 cm.   5-132 p. frontis.   I sh.  
    GB:   LBL   LeU(B)*   MU(JR)  
    US:   DCLC   MH  

    --another ed. The experienced English housekeeper, for the use and ease of ladies. London: printed for the authoress, [c.1766]. LeU(B)
    --4th ed. with additions. London: printed for the authoress, [c.1770]. LBL; DNLM
    --another ed. Manchester: printed by Alice Swindells, [c.1796].
    --another ed. Manchester: printed for T. Thomas and J. Sadler, [c.1800]. LWML
    1. The present compiler has compared the 2nd ed. of Catharine Brooks's work with the 2nd ed. of Ann Peckham's work (see PECKHAM, Ann, The complete English cook), and the title-pages were found to be identical. The contents of each work, however, are entirely different. Indeed, although the two women used identical title-pages more than once, there is no evidence that they plagiarized each other's texts. See also RAFFALD, Elizabeth, The experienced English house-keeper, 2nd ed. with additions.
    2. No copy of the 1st ed. has been located, but Mrs Brooks clearly implied that she had published one by using the words 'with additions' after '2nd ed'.
    3. The a

    Bitting, pp. 61-2; Oxford, p. 93