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Common sense for housemaids

By TYTLER, Anne Fraser

subjects: housemaids,

  • 1. ["Common sense for housemaids', 1850]
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    The BMCat lists an edition of "Common sense for housemaids. By a lady' as published London: J. Hatchard and Son 1850. It is also cited in Oxford, p 180. This edition, the first, appeared anonymously but subsequent editions are attributed in the BMCat to Anne Fraser Tytler.

  • 2. — [Second edition, 1853]
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    The BMCat lists a second edition as published London: T. Hatchard, 1853. It is also cited in Oxford, p 180.

  • 3. — [Fourth edition, 1862]

    A reference to the fourth edition, published in 1862, appears in "The domestic service guide' (q.v.) of 1865.

  • 4. — [Fifth edition, 1869]
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    The BMCat lists a fifth edition as published London: Hatchards 1869.