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Observations concerning the diet of common people


subjects: diet, health,

  • 1. Observations concerning the diet of common people, recommending a method of living less expensive, and more conducive to health, than the present. etc.
    London: printed for A. Strahan, T. Cadell, jun. and W. Davies   1797
    22 cm.   44 p.   1 sh. 6 d.  
    GB:   EUL*  
    US:   CtY   DN LM  

    1. For a life of William Buchan see DNB, vol. 3 (1908), pp. 180-1.
    2. This work was published for the same people in the same year as an additional part of the 15th ed. of the author's earlier work; see previous entry: BUCHAN, William, Domestic medicine. It here stands as a separate book in its own right.
    3. An advertisement in Scots Mag., vol. SQ (Oct. 1797), p. 767, confirms that the price was 1 sh. 6 d.