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Family health book

By BLACK, George

subjects: medical encyclopaedias,

  • 1. The family health book. Describing in plain, simple and intelligible terms, suited to the comprehension of non-scientific readers, all that it is necessary to know respecting the framework and organs, external and internal, of the human form; the vital action and functions of these organs; the mutual relations of body and mind, and the origins and causes of disease. With full instructions with reference to sanitation, health, diet, exercise, clothing, work, and longevity. Edited by George Black, M.B., Edin., author of "First aid in accident and sudden illness", "The young wife's advice book", etc. Practically illustrated.
    19.5 x 13.0 cm   Pp [i-iii] 1-469, [i-vii] publ ads   illus
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    Brown cloth gilt.
    The contents are arranged alphabetically and are fairly wide-ranging, with some resemblance to the "Domestic encyclopaedia' by A.F. Willich, 1802. There are two hundred illustrations.