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Domestic amusements


subjects: miscellanies, receipts,

  • 1. Domestic amusements, or philosophical recreations, containing the results of various experiments in practical science and the useful arts, applicable to the business of real life, to curious research and elegant recreation. Including numerous useful tests of adulterations in the materials that conduce to health; and an account of new and important discoveries in natural philosopy, being a sequel volume to Philosophical Recreations or Winter Amusements. By John Badcock.
    14.5 x 9.0 cm   Pp [i-iii] iv-viii [ix] x-xx [15] 16-210   frontis col engr, illus
    GB:   *LB(S)  

    The preface is dated February 1823.
    The coloured frontispiece folds out and shows Badcock's "aquatic tripod', or "tricipede', designed for the sportsman to sit on in mid-stream while shooting wild duck. The contents, numbered in articles up to 295, include medical remedies, domestic receipts and accounts of various mechanical inventions.