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Book of the household


subjects: compendium,

  • 1. In two volumes
    [1862, 1864]

  • 2. — ["Book of the household' in two volumes, [1862,64] mments]
    GB:   LeU   LBL  

    Both the BMCat and Leicester University Library list an edition, London: London Printing and Publishing Co [1862, 64].

  • 3. — The book of the household; or family dictionary of everything connected with housekeeping, and domestic medicine. With the treatment of children; management of the sick room; the sanitary improvements of the dwelling, the duties of servants; and full information on all other subjects relating to personal and domestic comfort. Compiled by competent persons, under the superintendence of an association of heads of families and men of science.
    GB:   *ENLS  

    The ENLS catalogue dates this as [1867].

  • 4. — Volume One
    25.0 x 17.0 cm   Pp [i-vi] [1] 2-576   10pls incl frontis
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  • 5. — Volume Two
    25.0 x 17.0 cm   Pp [1] 2-576   10 pls incl frontis
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