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Decoration & furniture of town houses

By EDIS, Robert W.

subjects: lectures, furnishings,

  • 1. Decoration & furniture of town houses / a series of Cantor lectures delivered before the Society of Arts, 1880, amplified and enlarged. By Robert W. Edis, F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A., architect. With 29 full-page illustrations and numerous sketches.
    20.5 x 15.0 cm   Pp [i-v] vi-xi [xii-xiii] xiv [1] 2-292   29 num full- page illus incl frontis, illus
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    With index.
    Binding: blue cloth, gilt.
    The book contains six separate lectures on decoration and furniture; floor, wall and ceiling decoration; furniture; entrance-hall, staircase, dining- room and library; drawing-room and boudoir, bedrooms, nurseries and offices; general articles of domestic use.

  • 2. — [Second edition]
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    The NUCat lists a second edition of 1881 with exactly the same title and imprint as the first edition. Another edition of 1881 published in New York is also listed.