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Look inside

By MILES, Alfred H.

subjects: compendium,

  • 1. Look inside / a daily household guide / being a popular referee on subjects of household enquiry including housekeeping, furnishing, decorating, domestic cookery, needlework, gardening, medicine, law, amusements, &c., &c. Edited by Alfred H. Miles assisted by a staff of specialists / with upwards of 100 illustrations.
    21.0 x 14.0 cm   Pp [iii-vii] viii [ix] x [xi] xii-xv [xvi] 1-586   frontis, illus
    GB:   *OPo(F)  

    This is also the same work as "The household guide', with a different title-page and frontispiece. The title is in obvious imitation of "Enquire within' by R.K. Philp, an earlier and enormously successful book.
    General comments: it appears that the three different publishers of this book arranged separate publication rights with the author, and agreed to use different titles. A fourth title, "ABC of household management', is cited in Berryman and Walmsley's "Wine and food list no. 1'.