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Professed cookery: containing boiling, roasting


subjects: cookery, boiling, roasting, preserving, pickling, wine, jellies, confectionary, household management,

  • 1. Professed cookery: containing boiling, roasting, pastry, preserving, pickling, potting, made-wines. gellies [sic] and part of confectionaries . . . together with a plan of house-keeping. etc.
    Newcastle: printed for J. White   1754
    [?6 sh.]  

    --2nd ed. Newcastle: printed for the author, 1755. EUL; NPL: DCLC; KMK
    --3rd ed. Newcastle: printed for the author, 1760. NPL
    --3rd ed. London: printed for and sold by the author, at Holborn, [c.1760]. GUL; LWML: KMK; ViWC
    1. Ann Cook, a teacher of cookery, had a very troubled life, and she used her book partly to attack Hannah Glasse (see under later entry), but mainly (in the last 100 pages under the misnamed 'A Plan of Housekeeping') as an autobiography; see Regula Burnet, Ann Cook and Friend (London, 1936).
    2. For this entry see Madeleine Hope Dodds, 'The Rival Cooks: Hannah Glasse and Ann Cook', Archaeologia Aeliana, Series 4, vol. 15, pp. 43-68; and Dr F. J. G. Robinson's University of Newcastle Ph.D. thesis, op. cit., vol. 3, for 'A List of Educational Works Published in the North of England in the Eighteenth Century'. He also discusses schools of cookery in northern England.
    3. As the 2nd ed. (see Madeleine Hope Dodds, op. cit., p. 52) and the 3rd London ed. (see Oxford, p. 92) cost 6 sh., it is

    Bitting, p. 98; Oxford, pp. 91-2