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Mrs. Mary Eales's receipts


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  • 1. Mrs. Mary Eales's receipts. Confectioner to her late Majesty Queen Anne.
    London: printed by H. Meere   1718
    18 cm.   100 p.   2. sh. 6 d.  
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    --another ed. London: printed for J. Brindley, and F. Montagu, 1733. LeU(B): NYPL
    --2nd ed. corrected with additions. London: printed for J. Robson, 1767. LBL; LeU(B)
    1. Although this work by Mary Eales bears great similarity to her later published work, The compleat confectioner (see previous entry), there are sufficient differences to allow them to be regarded as separate books. It is interesting to note a sale in or about 1934; see B & G.Cat., No. 37, p. 7, which lists 'Mrs. Mary Eales's Receipts . . . [London, c. 1720]. An English MS. on 54 leaves, easily legible. This is a transcript of the first edition (1718).'

    Bitting, p. 139; Oxford, p. 55