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School of vertue

By Seager, F.

subjects: manners, children,

  • 1. The School of vertue, and booke of goode nourture for chyldren and youth to learne their dutie by. Newly perused, corrected, and augmented by the first Auctour F. S. 1557
    William Seares   1557

    Titlepage quotation: Dispise not counsel, rebuking foly / Esteme it as, nedefull and holy.
    Revised by Robert Crowley and extended by Richard Weste during the seventeenth century.
    Reprinted by Fredrick Furnivall, "Early English Meals and Manners".

    PR 22135

  • 2. — The Schole of Vertue
    Edward Allde   Edward White   1597? 1620

    Previously printed by James Roberts for Edward White?

    PR 22137.5