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The family magazine: in two parts


subjects: cookery, household management, wine, medicine,

  • 1. The family magazine: in two parts. Part I. Containing useful directions in all the branches of house-keeping and cookery . . . together with the art of making English wines .... Part II. Containing a compendious body of physick . . . with a supplement containing a great variety of experienced receipts, from two excellent family collections. etc. [Anon.].
    London: printed for J. Osborn   1741
    19 cm%. LLLL BI:@LGL@LBL*@LePL   xiv, 123, 324 p.   5 sh.  
    US:   DCLC   MH   NNNAM  

    --2nd ed. revised and inlarged. London: printed for J. Osborn, 1743. LBL
    --3rd ed. revised and corrected. London: printed for J. Osborn, 1747. LWML: CtY; KMK
    --4th ed. [----]: printed for [----], 1754.
    1. The following statement appears in the preface of the 1741 ed.: 'Being still teized [sic] for some name, I will, tho' not my right one, subscribe that of Arabella Atkyns.' The author also states that Part II was taken from a commonplace book of her late brother, a physician, but it contains so many revolting remedies that her claim must be regarded with suspicion. Part I is good.
    2. Gents.Mag., vol. 10 (Oct. 1740), p. 128, confirms that the price was 5 sh., but Scots Mag., vol. 2 (Oct. 1740), p. 488, quotes the price as 5 sh. 6 d.
    3. See Oxford, p. 72, for reference to the 4th ed. (1754) edition; and next entry: FAMILY, The family magazine.

    Bitting, p. 550; Oxford, pp. 71-2