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The guide to preferment; or, complete art of cookery

By FARLEY, [----]

subjects: cookery, economy, table setting, trussing,

  • 1. The guide to preferment; or, complete art of cookery: containing directions for marketing; . . . the forms of placing the dishes on table, and a plate shewing the proper method of trussing.
    London: published by Dean and Munday   [c.1800]
    15 cm.   xi, 13-116 p. pl.   1 sh.  
    US:   KMK  

    1. The present compiler has not found one cataloguer of 18th-century cookery books who has assumed that the 'Mr. Farley' who produced this work was the same person as John Farley; see next entry.
    2. Bitting states that this work is entirely different from another with the same main title; see under later entry: POWELL, B., The guide to preferment. This work is not part of her collection in the DCLC.
    SSSS Bitting, p. 152