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Hundreth good pointes

By Tusser, T.

subjects: household, husbandry, housewifery, religion,

  • 1. A hundreth good pointes of husbandrie, / maintainteth good household, with huswifry. Housekeping and husbandry, if it be good: / must love one another, as cousinnes in blood. / The wife so, must husband as well as the man: / or farwel thy husbandry, doe what thou can.
    Richard Tottel   1557
    13 x 17.5   no pagination   4o A-C4 Di/Div
    GB:   LeU(B)  

    Content is in verses numbered 1-100. Husbandrie + 9 stanzas; 72-73, C1v-C2: A digression on a pt of good huswiferie.
    Dedication: Five Stanzs to Lord Paget, Lord privie seale. Signed: Your servant Thomas Tusser.
    The letters THOMAS TUSSER MADE ME begin the first 18 lines.

    PR 24372

  • 2. — A hundreth good / pointes of husbandrie, late / ly marr / ied unto a hundrethe / good pointes of Huswifry newly / corrected and amplified with dy_ / vers proper lessons for hous= / holders, as by the table at the later end, more / plainly may / appeare. // Set foorth by Thomas Tusser / Gentleman, Servant to the right / honourable Lorde Paget of / Beu defert. // In aedibus Richardi Tottelli / Cum privilegio ad imprimen / dum solum. / 1571
    Richard Tottel   1571
    14 x 19   foliated [1] 2 - 43 [44]   4o A-L4
    GB:   LeU(B)  

    The Preface to the book of Huswiferie [F26-G2]
    Dedication: To the right honourable & my special good Lady and Mistres, the Lady Paget, sig. Thomas Tusser [G2v] with poem on housewifery
    Contains advice on Physicke, Nursery, the Poor, and music.
    Preface to the book of Husbandrie [Fol2] is to the reader [A2]. Followed by Commodities of Husbandrie [A2v]; the dedication to Lord Paget [A3] and a further Address To the Reader [A3v]. Then starts The ladder to thrift [A4 -]
    Decorated tp.

    PR 24374