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The servant's directory, or house-keeper's companion


subjects: household management, cookery, accounts,

  • 1. The servant's directory, or house-keeper's companion: wherein the duties of the chamber-maid, nursery-maid, house-maid, landery-maid [sic], scullion, or under-cook . . . to which is annexed . . . directions for keeping accounts. etc.
    London: printed for the author   Sold by W. Johnston . . . [and] at Mrs. Ashburnham's [sic] china-shop,   1760
    21 cm.   viii, 4-80, 432 p.  
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    --another ed. New York: printed for [----], 1760.
    --another ed. Dublin: printed by James Potts, [c.1761].
    --4th ed. improved. Dublin: printed by James Potts, 1762. --: MNU
    1. The majority of the part: devoted to accounts is ruled for 366 days.
    2. See the two previous entries for GLASSE, Hannah, Where, in the first, the name is given as 'Ashburn' and, in the second, is listed as 'Ashburner'. Here it changes to 'Ashburnham' (or, according to Rudolph, p. 47, to 'Asburnham').
    3. It would seem that Hugh Gaine did not continue to hold copies of the 1760 work for sale at his bookstore in Hanover Square, New York City; but 'by 1792 his catalog of importations, which he published in book form, offered three titles: "Glasse's New Art of Cookery made plain and easy, which far exceeds any thing of the kind ever yet published. Mrs. Frazer's Practice of Cookery, Pastry, Pickling, Preserving, with Figures of Dinners. Mrs. Maciver's Cookery and Pastry. These titles are entered under Miscellany in his roughly classified

    Bitting, p. 190; Oxford, pp. 89-90