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A choice manuall, of rare and select secrets in physick and chirurgery


subjects: medicine, preserving, conserving, candying,

  • 1. A choice manuall, of rare and select secrets in physick and chirurgery: collected, and practised by the Right Honourable the Countesse of Kent, late deceased. As also most exquisite ways of preserving, conserving, candying. etc. [Anon.].
    London: printed for H. Mortlock   1708
    US:   ICJ  

    I . The 1st ed. was printed in London by R[oger] Norton in 1653, two years after the Countess's death, and the publisher was given as 'W. J. Gent', who might have been the author. According to Oxford, p. 22, the author was 'W. Jar.', but he does not give the source for his assertion. 'Jar.' could be an abbreviation of a name such as Jarvis, Jardine, or Jarman, or Oxford could have misread the indistinct printing and misquoted the word. The work is listed, with its several 17th-century editions, under the name of the Countess in the BM Cat. It is largely devoted to home cures of the most disgusting sort. See also Elizabeth David, 'A True Gentlewoman's Delight', Petits Propos Culinaires, vol. 1 (1979), pp. 43- 53

    Bitting, p. 201; Oxford, pp. 22-3