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The old man's guide to health and longer life


subjects: elderly, health, diet, herbs, exercise, medicine,

  • 1. The old man's guide to health and longer life, with rules for diet, exercise and physick. etc. 2nd ed.
    London: printed for M. Cooper   [c.1750]
    21 cm.   54 p.  
    US:   DNLM   NIC   WU  

    --5th ed. London: printed for R. Baldwin and J. Ridley, 1764. ENLS; EUL; LBL: ViSL
    --6th cd. corrected and enlarged. London: printed for E. and C. Dilly, 1771. LBL: DCLC
    --another ed. London: printed; Philadelphia: reprinted by John Dunlap, 1775 . --: DCLC
    1. For a life of the notorious Dr John Hill see DNB, vol. 9 (1908), pp. 848- 52. He is, perhaps, best known as the racketeer who ran a show called 'The Bed of Venus' with which the celebrated Lady Emma Hamilton, in her youth, was associated. His published work promised to the elderly either through herbs or special disciplines a new lease of life, and, though considered a quack, some of his diets are interesting. There is no evidence to suggest that he ever wrote a cookery or household book, even though Edward Dilly, who sold the 6th ed. of this work (see above), told Dr Samuel Johnson in 1778 that Hill was the real author of the major work of Hannah Glasse; see under earlier entry: GLASSE, Hannah, The art of cookery (note 2).