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The British cook's companion


subjects: cookery, recipes,

  • 1. The British cook's companion: being a collection of four hundred of the newest and best receipts. 5th ed.
    London: printed for R. Knaplock   1729
    16 cm.   224 p. pls.   2 sh. 6 d.  
    US:   NYPL  

    1. This entry is based on Stark, p. 13, who implies that the 5th ed. work is an edition of the following entry: see HOWARD, Henry, England's newest way in . . . cookery. The author described himself as 'Henry Howard, Free-Cook of London, and late Cook of his Grace the Duke of Ormond, and since to the Earl of Salisbury, and Earl of Winchelsea.'
    2. Mon.Cat./2 (vol. 2), pp. 95-6 (Aug. 1729), confirms that the price was 2 sh. 6 d.