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Mrs. Johnston's receipts

By JOHNSTON, [----] [Mrs]

subjects: recipes, cookery, pastry, puddings, preserving, sauces, pickling,

  • 1. Mrs. Johnston's receipts for all sorts of pastry, creams, puddings, custards, preserves, marmalets . . . sauces, pickles and cookery, after the newest and most approved method.1
    Edinburgh: printed in the year   [1740]
    17 cm.   3-117 p.  
    GB:   ENLS*  

    1. The First 92 pages of the 1790 ed. work are identical to a book which was published under a different title with a different author a few years earlier; see under later entry: MCLINTOCK, [Mrs], Mrs. McLintock's receipts for cookery and pastry-work. The identical contents end with 'Hunting pudding', and the last 25 pages (receipts 187-221) are additional and new. It is ` possible that Mrs Johnston was the same person as Mrs McLintock, and that 'Johuston' could be either a pseudonym or the name of her second husband. It is also possible that Mrs Johnston is the same person as the author of the following entry; see JOHNSTON, Eliza, The accomplish'd servant-maid.
    2. The ENLS copy is the only known copy of this work, but it is wanting pages 7-10. lt is not cited in any of the leading bibliographies in this field and, hitherto, nobody has compared it with Mrs McLintock's work, which was undoubtedly the first Scottish cookery book.