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Royal cookery; or, the complete court-cook


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  • 1. Royal cookery; or, the complete court-cook. Containing the choicest receipts in all the particular branches of cookery, now in use in the Queen's Palaces of St. James's, Kensington, Hampton-Court, and Windsor. etc.
    London: printed for Abel Roper   Sold by John Morphew   1710
    20 cm.   127 p. pls.  
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    --Ist ed. London: printed for and sold by Maurice Atkins, 1710. --: NYPL
    --2nd ed. with additions. London: printed for J. Nutt, [and] A. Roper, and sold by E. Nutt, 1716. ENLS; LBL; LeU(B): NYPL; PPL
    --3rd ed. with additions. London: printed for E. and R. Nutt, and A. Roper, 1726. [6 sh.] DNLI; LBL; LeU(B): KMK; MiD; NIC
    --3rd ed. with additions.4 London: printed for E. and R. Nutt, and H. Lintot, 1731. CUL; LBL: CtY; MB
    1. The author is described as 'near 50 Years Master-Cook to their late Majesties King Charles II, King James II, King William and Queen Mary, and to Her Present Majesty Queen Anne'.
    2. Further references to the 1st ed. can be found in Sotheby Cat. (1 Aug. 1968), p. 16, and Pennell, p.,144.
    3. Mon.Cat./2 (vol. 1), p. 140 (Dec. 1725) confirms that the price of the 3rd edition (1726) was 6 sh.
    4. BM Cat. (1962), states that this 3rd edition (1731) is a duplicate 'with a new title-page bearing the date 1731'.

    Bitting, p. 270; Oxford, 52-3