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The art of confectionary


subjects: confectionary, preserving, herbs, baking,

  • 1. The art of confectionary. I. Shewing the various methods of preserving all sorts of fruit . . . II. Flowers and herbs . . . also how to make all sorts of biscakes [sic]. etc.
    London: printed for T. Taylor   [c.1744]
    20 cm.   61 p.   1 sh.  
    GB:   LeU(B)*  
    US:   DCLC  

    --another ed. London: printed for T. Payne, 1761. LBL: DNAL; NYPL
    --another ed. with additions. [same main-title, but altered sub-titles]. London: printed for F. Newbery, [c.1767]. LBL; NYPL
    1. Gents.Mag., vol. 14 (Apr. 1744), p. 231, confirms that the price of the 1744 ed. was 1 sh.
    2. Oxford wrongly dates the edition he quotes as c. 1750. He also gives the printer as F. Newbery, who was born in 1743, and began printing in 1767. It is, therefore, certain that Oxford's entry relates to the second of the additional editions.
    3. Lambert was dead in or before 1749; see under earlier entry: BRADSHAW, Penelope, Bradshaw's valuable family jewel (note 1), where she acknowledged that Lambert who was a confectioner in Pall Mall, was the joint-author of that book. The 1761 and subsequent editions were, therefore, also published posthumously.
    4. The 'additions' are given on the title-page of the 1767 edition as follows: 'To which is now added the ladies toilet or the aft of preserving beauty'; and the author is cal

    Bitting, p. 271; Oxford, p. 81

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