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Mrs. McLintock's receipts for cookery and pastry-work

By MCLINTOCK, [----] [Mrs]

subjects: cookery, recipes, pastry, scotland,

  • 1. Mrs. McLintock's receipts for cookery and pastry-work.
    Glasgow   printed in the year 1736   1736
    16 cm.   62 p.  
    GB:   GUL*  

    1. This is undoubtedly the first cookery book written and published in Scotland, and it has never been cited in any of the major bibliographies or catalogues dealing with cookery and household subjects. Indeed, the first published use of its contents was made by Virginia Maclean in Much Entertainment: A Visual and Culinary Record of Johnson and Boswell ís Tour of Scotland in 1773 (London and New York, 1973). The present compiler was, therefore, keen to take some trouble to discover the identity and occupation of Mrs McLintock, but, unfortunately, to no avail. A search was made for the printer, and the conclusion was reached that it could have been James Duncan of Gibson's Wynd in Saltmarket Street, Glasgow. A work entitled A View of the City of Glasgow, by James McUre alias Campbell (GUL, press- mark Mu.23-di), which was printed by Duncan in 1736, has type-faces and a general layout which very closely resemble those used for Mrs McLintock's work in the same year, but this is a conjecture which needs critical

Title-page from Mrs. McLintock, Mrs McLintock's receipts for cookery and pastry work