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The family pocket-book: or, fountain of true and useful knowledge


subjects: cookery, preserving, wine,

  • 1. The family pocket-book: or, fountain of true and useful knowledge . . . of the tea-tree . . . the young housekeeper's guide to cooking . . . preserving and making all sorts of wine . . . compiled after thirty years experience. etc.
    London: printed by Henry Coote   Sold by George Paul   [c.1768]
    17 cm.   viii, 9-162 p. frontis. pls.   1 sh. stitched 1 sh. 6 d. bound in neat red leather.  
    GB:   LBL   LeU(B)*  
    US:   CaBVaUW   CtY  

    1. Coinciding with the present compiler's visit to the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, in July 1976, was an exhibition of cookery books in the Woodward Biomedical Library. One of the items had the following caption: 'Peregrine Montague, gent., of Grange-Abbey in Oxfordshire compiled -- "after 30 years experience" -- The family pocket- book: or, Fountain of true and useful knowledge. The subject matter covers an enormous range from veterinary science and the management of race-horses through hair-dressing, dentistry and gardening to cookery. Thirty pages encompass The Young house-keeper's pocket com- panion in the art of cookery. Compendiums of a similar nature, containing advice to the layman, continued to be published into the 20th century, and are now becoming fashionable again. They are the lineal descendants of the old books of "secrets".'