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A collection of several authentick accounts


subjects: food, economy, wheat, bread, malt,

  • 1. A collection of several authentick accounts of the history and price of wheat, bread, malt, from the coming in of William the Conqueror to Michaelmas, 1745. etc
    London: printed for W. Warden   Sold by C. Davis   1748
    22 cm.   79 p. [pl.]  
    GB:   LBL*  
    US:   CtY   MH-BA   NYPL  

    --another ed. London: printed for R. Davis, 1765. ENLS; LBL: CSmH; CtY; MH-BA
    1. This work (1748 ed.) has an additional title-page: Artachthos: or a new book declaring the assize or weight of bread. Stark, p. 14, spells assize as 'assise'.
    2. Stark, p. 14, loc. cit., says that the 1748 edition contained a plate, but the British Library copy, which the present compiler inspected, had no plates; which could mean that any plate or plates have been removed.
    3. The 1765 edition has a slight alteration in the title, and a frontispiece has been added.