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The guide to preferment: or: Powell's complete book of cookery


subjects: cookery, recipes, economy,

  • 1. The guide to preferment: or: Powell's complete book of cookery. Containing the newest and best receipts in cookery . . . likewise the best methods of marketing . . . to prevent being cheated. etc.
    London: printed by W. Bailey   [c.1771]
    18 cm.   xii, 9-184 p. frontis   1 sh. 6 d.  
    GB:   CUL   LeU(B)*  
    US:   DCLC  

    --another ed. The young men and maid's guide to preferment. London: printed by W. Bailey, [c.1800].
    1. For a work with the same main title and some similar sub-titles, but with different contents; see under earlier entry: FARLEY, [--] [Mr], The guide to preferment.
    2. The LeU(B) copy is inscribed: 'Ellin Walshman Cook Book anno Domini 1771', and on the opposite page: 'Ellin Walshman Her own Book 1772, with this verse; 'Stea1 not this Book 'For fear of sheame 'for hear you see 'the owner's Name.' 3. The only known reference to the later edition (c. 1800) is given in B.& G. Cat., No. 37, p. 14.

    Bitting, p. 379; Oxford, p. 130