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The new, universal, and complete confectioner


subjects: cookery, recipes, confectionary, drinks,

  • 1. The new, universal, and complete confectioner; or young woman's best guide, in the whole art of cookery .... including various modern and original receipts for making lemonade, orgeat, orangeade. etc.
    London: printed for Alex. Hogg   [c.1760]
    17 cm.   5-94 p. frontis.   1 sh. 6 d.  
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    --another ed. London: printed by S. Couchman for Alex. Hogg, [c.1780]. --: DCLC
    --another ed. the whole revised, corrected and improved. London: printed for Alex. Hogg, [c.1780]. LeU(B): DCLC; NYPL
    --[? another ed.] The whole art of confectionary, by Eliz. Glasse [i.e. Elizabeth Price]. [London]: printed for [----], [----].
    1. 'Orgeat' is a cooling drink made from barley or almonds and orange-flower water.
    2. In her preface the author says: 'This day is published (price only 1 s.) Mrs. Price's New Book of Cookery, embellished with a beautiful frontispiece'; see under previous entry: PRICE, Elizabeth, The new book of cookery. Here is an advertisement which gives evidence for the price of the author's other, second work, but no clue to the date of 'this day' (in the same way in which she gave no clue to 'the present year' in the new edition of her second work).
    3. The frontispiece (but nothing else) is identical to one used in another work sold by Alex. Hogg; see under earlier entry: PARTRIDGE, Ann, The ne

    Bitting, p. 382; Oxford, p. 110