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The young ladies school of arts


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  • 1. The young ladies school of arts; containing a great variety of practical receipts. etc.
    Edinburgh: printed by Wal. Ruddiman, jun., for Mrs. Robertson   1766
    18 cm.   xxiv, 215 p  
    US:   NNNAM   ViWC*  

    --2nd ed. with large additions. Edinburgh: printed by Wal[ter] Ruddiman, jun., for Mrs. Robertson, 1767. ENLS*: DCLC; MiEM
    --4th ed. Edinburgh: printed for R. Spence, 1777. BPL
    --4th ed. with large additions. York: printed at the New Printing Ofiice, for Mrs. Robertson, 1777. LeU(B)
    --a new ed. Edinburgh, printed for Robert Jameson, 1777. GPL(M); LWML; LeU(B)
    --4th ed. with large additions. York: printed for R. Spence, 1784. GUL; LBL: MiEM
    1 . For a life of the author see her autobiography The Life of Mrs. Robertson (Edinburgh, 1792). In it she claimed to be the granddaughter of Charles II.
    2. The dedications vary from edition to edition. In the IST ed. (1766) she dedicated her work to 'The Countess of Fyfe [sic]', and dated it 'Perth 15 July 1766'; see Crahan, p. 64.
    3. The 2nd ed. (1767) is dedicated to 'The Right Honourable The Countess of Northesk'. Oxford, p. 97, says that this edition is dedicated to 'Mrs. Lockhart of Craighouse'. It is not known if the 1st ed. had plates; the American sources gi

    Bitting, p. 400; Oxford, pp. 96-7