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The compleat cook, market woman, and dairy maid


subjects: cookery, household management, servants,

  • 1. The compleat cook, market woman, and dairy maid.
    London: printed for W. Heard, at the Philobiblian Library; J. Warcus, and R. Richards   1756
    20 cm.   160 p.   1 sh.  
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    1. The author described himself as 'Principal Cook to the late Charles Seymour, Duke of Somerset', and gave the following dedication: 'Dear Nelly, learn with Care the Cook'ry Art, And mind the easy Precepts I impart'. The name JASSINTOUR ROZEA is obviously an anagram- matic pseudonym, but attempts by the present compiler to solve its meaning have come to nought. It can be rearranged to produce 'JEUS ZOROASTRIAN,, but the French 'jeu' for 'game' is 'jeux' and not 'jeus' in the plural, and although 'Zoroastrian Games' could be freely given as 'Fire-worshipping Games', it is stretching licence too far to interpret 'f1re-worship' as 'cookery'. The presence of 'j' and 'z' in the anagram suggest that the most likely solution is a French name or short phrase, and it is certain that the author spoke and wrote in French. In the introduction (p. 5) of his other work (see next entry), he wrote: 'I have served under the best masters, French, Italian, and English; and my first instructor is now one of the French King's pr

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