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The gift of Comus; or, practical cookery


subjects: cookery, recipes,

  • 1. The gift of Comus; or, practical cookery. Number 1 and Number 2 bound together.
    Edinburgh: printed by Hamilton, Balfour and Neill   1753
    19 cm.   3-160 p.   1 sh. [2 sh.]  
    GB:   ENLS* LLLL NA:  

    1. This title was probably inspired by the work of a French chef-Francois Marin, Les dons de Camus, ou les delices de la table (Paris, 1739).
    2. The receipts in this work are very detailed, and the author, having worked in both Scotland and England, took the trouble to explain how terms differed in those countries; for example (on p. 71): 'A broth of beef . . . in the first place, you must have a sauce-pan and cover, which in Scotland is called a goblet-pan; and what the English calls a stewpan, they name it a sauce-pan. The above is meant, that my readers in Scotland may remember this distinction.'
    3. The following advertisement appeared in Scots Mag., vol. 15 (Jan. 1753), p.56: 'The gift of Comus; or, practical cookery. By Jassintour Rozea. No. 11 sh. This book is to consist of 12 numbers.' In fact, only Nos. 1 and 2 were published; the first on 9 Jan. 1753 (which was sold for the author by George Rig, Grocer, and Thomas Trotter, Merchant [both of Edinburgh], and from 13 Feb. 1753 was made available from