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The nature of fermentation explain'd


subjects: fermentation, liquors, distillation,

  • 1. The nature of fermentation explain'd; with the method of opening the body of any grain or vegetable subject, so as to obtain from it a spirituous liquor . . . to which is added, a collection of several compound cordial waters . . . by way of appendix to the ['] compleat body of distilling ['].
    London: printed for Bernard Lintot   1729
    20 cm.   56 p.   1 sh.  
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    1. As indicated, this is a separate work, but it forms an appendix to the author's first publication four years earlier; see previous entry: SMITH, George, A compleat body of distilling.
    2. Mon.Cat./2 (vol. 2), p. 19 (Sept. 1729), confirms that the price was 1 sh.