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Court cookery: or, the compleat English cook


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  • 1. Court cookery: or, the compleat English cook. Containing the choicest and newest receipts. etc.
    London: printed for T. Wotton   1723
    20 cm.   [in two parts] 112, 82 p.   3 sh. 6 d.  
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    --another ed. Dublin; printed for Pat. Dugan and W. Smith, 1724. DNLI; LeU(B): -- --2nd ed. with large additions. London: printed for T. Wotton, 1725. LWML; LeU(B): DCLC; MiEM; PBL 1. The author described himself as 'Cook (under Mr. Lamb) to King William; as also to the Dukes of Buckingham, Ormond, D'Aumont (the French Ambassador) and others of the Nobility and Gentry'. In his preface he stated: 'It is true, there are several Books of Cookery already extant, but most of 'em very defective and erroneous, and others filled with old Receipts, that are impracticable at this Time.' He went on to denounce the work of his former chief, Patrick Lamb, and attacked him for pirating other people's receipts; see under earlier entry: LAMB, Patrick, Royal cookery.
    2. The 1723 edition is in two parts; the first devoted to cookery, the second to confectionary.
    3. Mon.Cat./2 (vol. 1), p. 8 (Nov. 1724), confirms that the price of the 1723 edition was 3 sh. 6 d.

    Bitting, p. 440; Oxford, pp. 55-6