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Thousand Notable things

By Lupton, John

subjects: domestic medicine, household, preservation,

  • 1. A Thousand Notable things, / of sundry sortes. // wherof some are wonderfull, / some straunge, some pleasant, / divers necessary, a great sort / profitable and many / very precious.
    John Chalewood   Hugh Spooner   1579
    12.6 x 18.0   [i-viii] 1-302 [303-322]   4o A-Z4 Aa-Ss4
    GB:   LeU(B)  

    Contains a poem about bringing health to everyone.
    Aii: dedication to Lady Margaret countess of Darby, referring to receipts as 'flowers'.
    Aiii: address To the Reader, with comments including: first time in vulgar of English tongue; many receipts oral in origin; written in plain Eng: 'better to profit a great sorte, then to feede the fancies of a few'.
    Made up of 10 books with 100 numbered things in each. Scattered throughout are recipes, material on preservation and conservation, domestic medicine, household.
    Other editions - 1586, 1601, 1612, 1619, 1627, 1631, 1660, 1675, 1686,1776, 1785, 1791, 1793, 1799, 1814, 1815,

    BLC c.31.d.22, see also PR 16955

  • 2. — A thousand notable things
    printed Ed. White   1586


  • 3. — A thousand notable things of sundrie sorts. : Whereof some are wonderfull, some strange, some pleasant, diuers necessarie, a great sort profitable, and many very precious. Newly corrected. This booke bewrayes, that some had rather hide, which whoso buyes, their mouey [sic] is not lost. For many a thing therein, if truly tride, will gaine much more then twenty such will cost. And diuers else great secrets will detect, and other more of strange and rare effect. It is not made to please some one degree, no, no, nor yet to bring a game to fevv: for each thereby, hovv rich or poore they be, may reape much good, & mischiefe great eschew. The paines and trauaile hitherto is mine, the gaine and pleasure hence-forth will be thine.
    Edw. Allde   Edward White   1612

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    BLC 1168.h.39, see also PR 16959.5

  • 4. — Thousand Notable Things
    George Purslowe   George Purslowe   1619