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Directions to servants in general


subjects: household management, servants,

  • 1. Directions to servants in general; and in particular to the butler, cook, footman, coachman, groom, house-steward and land-steward, porter, dairy-maid, chamber-maid, nurse, laundress, house-keeper, tutoress or governess. etc.
    London: printed for R. Dodsley, and M. Cooper   1745
    22 cm.   93 p.   1 sh. 6 d.  
    GB:   LBL   LeU(B)*  
    US:   CtY   IU   MH  

    --another ed. Dublin: printed by George Faulkner, 1745. --: NjP
    --another ed. Dublin: printed by George Faulkner, 1746. --: CtY
    --another ed. London: printed for C. Hitch, Davis and R. Dodsley, 1749. --: PU
    --another ed. Glasgow: printed in the year 1765. ENLS
    --another ed. Perth: printed by Robert Morison, 1766. LBL
    --a new ed. London: printed for T. Osborne, 1766. --: NIC
    --a new ed. London: printed for J. Nunn, 1798. --: ICU
    1. The author Jonathan Swift (1 667-1745), who was appointed Dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin, in 1713, is regarded as one of the greatest satirists in English of all time. He is, of course, best remembered for Gulliver's Travels, but some of his other books have also become classics, including A Tale of a Tub. It is odd, therefore, that William King should claim in 1708 on the title-page of his satirical poem on Dr Martin Lister's edition of the cookery book by the Roman writer APICIUS that it was by the author of A Tale of a Tub. There is sound evidence to show that King was paid