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The universal cook; or, lady's complete assistant


subjects: cookery, recipes,

  • 1. The universal cook; or, lady's complete assistant . . . together with a great variety of original receipts . . . and others communicated to him by his friends who are celebrated in the culinary art. etc.
    London: printed for S. Bladon   1773
    17 cm.   308 p.  
    US:   DCLC  

    1. According to Bitting, this work (but not the sub-titles) is identical to a book published in 1792, which has been previously cited; see under earlier entry: COLLINGWOOD, Francis, and WOOLLAMS, John, The universal cook. Bitting also says that this work is very rare.
    2. John Townshend described himself as 'Late Master of the Greyhound Tavern, Greenwich, and Cook to his Grace the Duke of Manchester'.

    Bitting, pp. 463-4